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"Josh Rohe... became the mastermind who recorded and mixed our Requiem Mass EP. We are pleased to have established a relationship with Josh. He has a technique like no other and his craft is being noticed worldwide" – Mychael Ghost (Astari Nite), in an interview with Wasabi Fashion Kult

"A big part of sound is due to the recent teaming up with Josh Rohe, who is an excellent producer and engineer. We were not rushed during these recordings and Josh has a real way of making you feel comfortable and not creating any pressure to 'get this take right and right now.' This was crucial because it allowed us to experiment with the sounds we were hearing in our heads to see how it would translate sonically with all of the other instruments at play." – Illia Tulloch (Astari Nite), in an interview with Anti-Steez

"Take Aim, Take Flight reflects DIY initiative at its finest, where everything from recording to production was executed by the band and headed up by guitarist Josh Rohe. I must echo Barrys praise for Rohe's skills, saying he has a great ear and knack for recording." -